Friday, March 11, 2011


Oh my goodness this weather we are having is so glorious it make me want scream. I am so ready for the warm weather. Me and Tripp got to escape the cold weather last month and go to California with my parents, Garr, Courtney and Brooke. We had a blast it was so much fun one of my highlights was that we ate at Ruby's a total of 4 times in 6 days oh I love that place I just can't get enough. We also went to the aquarium at long beach which Tripp loved he thought it was the beez knees, Then we went to Disney and had lots of fun there. Tripp absolutely loves Mickey mouse and Buzz lightyear so he thought it was pretty groovy. He got to meet mickey and give him a hug it was so adorable. Then the trip had to end and we came home to SNOW! Yuck! But the weather is defiantly improving now. Another fun thing is that it was Tripp's First Birthday on the 23rd. We had a little Birthday Party for him all of Jordans family and my family came. It was a lot of fun. Tripp loved all of his presents and LOVED his cake which I was very proud of because me and my mom whipped the little baby up ourselves. He was up until midnight though it was craziness he was not tired at all. So anyways that is what we have been up to and now we are in March. I love March, could it be because it is the month of my birthday. I think maybe. Well hope everything is well with all of your familys :)
Shark Buds

Mimi and Tripp
Ahhh! I know exactly how you feel Tripp!
Ruby Stickers on his face it was making him itchy
Yay! Mickey Mouse
Don't we look alike. I think so
Tripp and CAPTAIN
Playing on the boat


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  1. ME TOO on the weather! I feel like leaping around my yard and doing heelkicks! Apparently, I've been pent up in the house too long! Love the cake! Nice work! Oh fun. I'm acually debating if I'm going to go o Tuesday & visit Kar. SO fun to see you guys & Tripp! :)