Friday, April 30, 2010


Mothers Day is coming up and I think it is a great day to honor our mothers. I am so grateful to have been born to such a wonderful mom. Here are some of the reasons that make her Supermom.

  • She is always there for us through all of the good times and the not so good times. I can call her last minute to do something with me and she will drop whatever she has going on just to help me out.

  • When we were little kids she would run around the house in her blue silk gown yelling " I am Supermom." She has always taught us to have fun, laugh and to make the most of every moment.

  • Almost every Saturday when we were little my mom would get me and my sisters all dressed up in our sun dresses and she would take us shopping, to lunch or a movie. She always taught us to be lady like, virtuous and value ourselves.

  • She is so giving of her time and that is the most important giving there is. Before bed every night she would go to each of us kids room and talk to us about whatever we wanted to talk about sometimes it would take her a couple of hours.

  • She is my best friend, we have so much fun together. We can laugh forever about the stupidest thing.

  • She has been such a good example to me and all of my siblings. I can only hope that I can be the kind of mom she is.

Now being a mother myself you really look at things differently. I always knew my mom loved me and would do anything for me but you just can't explain the love of a mother until you are one. How your heart is being carried outside of your body with your little baby. It is the most incredible feeling to love that much. All the times that she kissed me, held me, rocked me, lost sleep because of me. I now appreciate it so much more. I am so grateful to have her as my mom and to now be a mom. Being a mom is the greatest I couldn't ask for anything better. Love you mom. Happy Mothers Day!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tripp's Blessing

We blessed Tripp this last
Sunday. It was such a great day and I will never forget it. We are so blessed to have him in our lives I feel so lucky, I love him so much. It was such a neat experience to have my own baby blessed by my husband it just makes me love him that much more. I am so grateful to have the priesthood in my home. It was just a great day!! :)

Happy (late) Easter!!

Happy Easter! I hope everyone had a nice easter we had a lovely weekend. It was lots of fun. The Easter bunny came to our house this year it was so fun. Jord thought I was crazy but I had to get some pictures of his first easter with his first easter basket and I had fun doing it. Then we went to visit both of our family's. It was lots of fun. We had an easter egg hunt at my parents house, it is the best hunt ever and it is very competitive and intense. This year I walked away with $75 bucks. It was pretty awsome.